Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hunting Lateral Movement in Windows Infrastructure

Today at the PHD conference colleague from our threat hunting team gave a talk on windows lateral movement hunting. Here are the slides.

Originally we were planning this speech together and for 40 minutes, but orgs proposed Fast Track as the only opportunity that's why I decided to opt out because it's huge and important topic that hardly could be covered within 20 min time frame. However, Teymur did his best to shrink materials and in the end it took 17 min. That's why I'd like to thank my colleague Teymur greatly as he did almost impossible! To my mind this was one of the greatest talks at conference despite the fact that a lot of worthy topics were presented in the main program.
To my mind lateral movement is very important topic and this talk can be treated as kind of our internal research on this that we'd like to share to help enterprises to spot advanced threats presence within their Windows environments. Hope, you'll enjoy this work and find it also useful. Original talk was in Russian, but taking into account previous years experience video and good english simultaneous translation will be available as well.

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